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Finding The Best Trampoline

Purchasing a trampoline is can be very daunting especially if you do not know the features to look for. This buyer’s guide will help you in finding a quality trampoline. The Cirrus 14ft trampoline is helpful in inspiring your kids to use their imagination and dream when they play.

This unit has a quick enclosure system that can be assembled easily without screws, bolts, braces, pole caps and brackets. The main features of a skybound cirrus trampoline include a black steel frame, W-shaped legs, curved enclosure poles, vinyl-coated sleeves, premium gold springs, shoe bag, and enclosure net. Its enclosure poles are meant for improving the user’s safety and increasing its structural stability.

Factors considered when buying a Trampoline

Certain important features need to be considered when buying this unit. Following these guidelines will help you in making an informed decision when you are shopping for a trampoline for kids or adults. You should go for a unit that meets all your bouncing needs.

Its shape

Trampolines come in different shapes. The shape chosen will depend on whether you are interested in just bouncing or having a lot of flips and tricks. Its different shapes include the following:

circular trampoline


It is relatively cheap as compared to the other shapes. It is the first unit that many people buy. It is well-designed with its center of gravity being concentrated at the center. This means that you will always gravitate towards its center whenever you are bouncing.


It is the most expensive shape on the market. It is meant to give the user the much-needed bounce and largest jumping surface. The gymnasts mainly prefer it. It prevents them from falling whenever they are performing their tricks.



This is another popular brand on the market. It is designed to provide a large jumping and bouncing spaces for users thereby allowing them to perform their jumps and other tricks as they please. It is relatively expensive than the circular unit.


trampoline -kids

When it comes to these units weight is one of the limiting factors. Overloading can lead to over stretching of your unit leading to permanent damage. In the worst case, these units can even break due to excessive weight. Breaking down can make you fall and get injured. It is therefore important to consider the user’s weight before buying a trampoline.



These units are designed with different support structures. The unit purchased should be capable of holding the user and its weight. The design of the arches should also be considered. Arches are the units that link the different poles together. They should durable and very strong.


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