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Linda Fletcher

EarthSong Pottery Fletcher
Candia, NH 
The plastic nature of the clay is my first attraction…that I can envision something and mold the clay to bring that vision to life is inspiring. The clay and I have a conversation, come to an understanding and the results are an expression of my spirit. I am also intrigued by the surface of the clay as a canvas. The decorating possibilities are endless: carving, sprigging, sgrafitto, painting with colored slips and with fire, smoke and ash. My work is particularly blessed by woodfiring. The clay accepts the flame and the ash and together they produce natural coloration and texture that enhance the forms. When I work with the elements of pottery, I work with the natural elements : earth, air, water and fire; and to that I aspire to bring the fifth element of the human spirit. My current work is inspired by ancient goddess figures . My intent is to honor a society that was balanced with both halves of humanity, male and female, being equal. Goddess-centered art had a striking absence of images of warfare. My images are a celebration of life.

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