New Hampshire Potter's Guild

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The following materials are available to borrow from our Library. The library is currently housed with Newsletter Editor Julie Lombard. Materials are available to members only. To borrow materials, contact Julie at

  • Val Cushing: A life in Clay DVD
  • Maria: Indian Pottery Maker of San Ildefonso VHS
  • A Potter's Meal: J. Bennion & Paul Soldner Retrospect. VHS
  • Cary Esser VHS
  • Four Hands one heart: Ed & Mary Scheier VHS
  • Geryy Williams Copy #1-4 VHS
  • Jack Turner Workshop 94 VHS
  • Mary Roehm Copy #1&3 VSH
  • Imagine Render A Gift of Peace BOOK
  • Funt. Pottery: Hopper BOOK
  • Clay and Glazes for the Potter: Rhodes BOOK
  • A Potter's Companion: Larsen BOOK
  • Seto & Mino Ceramics: Cort BOOK
  • Tatsuzo Shimaoka 96 Pucker Gallery BOOK
  • Brother Thomas 94 Pucker Gallery BOOK
  • Sheffield Pottery and Ceramic 04-06 Catalog BOOK
  • The Pottery of Mata Ortiz VHS
  • Jack Troy #1 VHS
  • Paul Soldner: Retrospect. VHS
  • Maria Martinez VHS
  • Jack Troy #2 VHS
  • Gerry Williams Workshop #1 VHS
  • The Potter's Meal VHS

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