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4 Types of tonneau covers

Tonneau covers, also known as truck bed covers are the perfect addition to pickup trucks thanks to their added style and protection. First, tonneau covers are known to protect cargo from inclement weather and thieves. Not just that, they also offer a practical way of upgrading your truck’s look. Thus, the question is not whether you need a tonneau covers or not? But what type of bed cover suits your individual needs? That said, this write-up looks at some bed covers and their suitability.

Soft roll-up tonneau covers

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This type of cover bed is made from a vinyl cover attached and secured to an aluminum frame. This cover material is secured to this frame using snaps. When this material is detached into the frame, the cover rolls up and is secured close to the cover bed. Rolling the cover is done when the bed needs to be left open or when you need to haul larger pieces of cargo.

Traditional hard tonneau covers

Hard tonneau covers feature a composite cover that is clamped onto the frame rail. Its rigid nature makes it match the lines of the truck, which it looks perfect on any truck bed. The good thing about hard truck bed covers is that they are puncture resistant, which makes them an ideal choice when security is a significant concern. Not just that, its sturdy nature ensures it does not expand or contract in hot and cold weather respectively.

Hinged tonneau covers

This type of bed cover is characterized by a set of hinges for easy opening of the bed cover. Some designs come with a set of gas struts, which allow for easy opening. Ideally, hinged tonneau is available in both hard and soft versions. A hinged tonneau is ideal for anyone looking for easy access to the truck bed and a sleek styling of the truck bed.

Folding tonneau covers

If you are looking for a combination of cargo protection, quick access, and sleek design, a folding cover bed indeed what you need. In most instances, these covers fold in three sections all in different locations. As such, they offer easy access to most parts of the truck bed just as you would wish.

These are just of the many options to choose from when looking for a tonneau cover for your truck. Y0u need to do due diligence on your part by looking at some few features and of course, reading some reviews before buying one. At the end, the choice is yours to make.…

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